Thursday, April 5, 2007

HOU-PAC: End of regulation

Well, Houston did well to recover. They played like many of us know they can. Ching and De Rosario were very much factors in the game and Houston scored two goals. Pachuca scored two as well and now it's extra time.

I don't know how much gas the teams have left. This is where Houston's tough mentality can come into play. Most other MLS teams might fold right here but not Houston. Like Frank Yallop told me, they just find ways to win.

Speaking of Yallop, I can't imagine he's upset with this match heading into extra time.

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Gene said...

Great goal by Pachuca, but I think the ref was very generous with the time. Too generous, IMO.

To be fair, it is clear that Pachuca has better players than Dynamo. Where DC United looked to be on the same level as Chivas, Houston looks outplayed.