Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dispensable Donovan?

Landon Donovan is arguably the best American soccer player to ever kick the ball. He loves L.A., his wife Bianca works as a T.V actress here, and he has already led the Galaxy to one MLS championship since he arrived in 2005.

Yet Lalas emphased recently that no one is untouchable. With the likes of Zinedine Zidane perhaps waiting in the wings, Donovan may be considered by some as expendable.

However, though Lalas said the "untouchable" bit, he also added something else.

"I hope Landon’s here for years to come and I hope Landon finishes his career with the Galaxy."

I think that means that as long as Landon performs well, he's likely to stay.


Lane said...

Thanks, A.C. I can rest a little easier now.

Also, I noticed in the pic that Donovan's foot/ankle is all taped up. Anything going on there?

Charly said...

Essential Landon, nothing else !!

Go Galaxy Go !!

A.C. said...

Sharp eyes, Lane. I haven't heard anything, but perhaps it's just as well that the Galaxy have a little time off before their next league game. A lot of times little things like an ankle twist don't make the injured list, but keep a player from performing at absolute best.

Candace said...

If Zidane were to come, it would probably be just this season so there wouldn't be a conflict with Langdon. It definitely will not be for the money more like a vacation for him and his family.

I didn't believe in praying before, but tonight I will start. I would love to see Zidane play especially from my seats at Carson.

Even at 35 (in June) he still plays better than some of the big stars in Europe. His influence will be tremendous! Beckham is the pretty boy with some talent, but Zidane is THE MAN!