Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday rankings (April 23)

Some teams have played four games already, others are still on two. It kind of sets up for a difficult measuring stick but based on what I've seen so far this season...

1. Chicago. Attack coming along nicely
2. New York. Angel-Altidore pairing downright frightening to rest of league
3. Chivas USA. Galindo gives Goats goals galore
4. FC Dallas. Nunez more than able to replace Mulrooney, O'Brien
5. Kansas City. Offense vanished in Chicago
6. Colorado. Clock's running out on Bouna Time
7. New England. Road draw okay, but not how the Revs went about it
8. Columbus. Cupboard not completely bare for Barros Schelotto
9. Galaxy. Club still has giant question mark hanging over it
10. Houston. Shameful handball by De Rosario; completely unacceptable from player of his stature
11. Real Salt Lake. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, Matt Taylor scores on you
12. D.C. United. Just to refresh your memory, six goals allowed in two games
13. Toronto FC. At least RSL and Chivas USA had each other to point to for league's most pathetic club in 2005

* More thoughts on Houston. They are showing absolutely nothing to suggest that they will even be a playoff contender. They are lucky not to have zero points right now. That De Rosario handball was just plain pathetic. Is that what they've been reduced to? So far, I've been severely underwhelmed by these defending champs.


Anonymous said...

I expect DC to make a big jump soon. They are still one of the best teams in the league, just need to figure out the problems in the back.

IMO, they should go to 4 at the back and tighten it up there. As my old coach used to say, if the other team doesn't score, you can't lose.

Anonymous said...

Agree about DC...they should get their problems in the back figured out.

Just curious....does anyone think that the MLS should get rid of the East and West Conferences and have one big one like the premiership?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and give the championship to the team that finishes at the top of the table. IMO, this would generate much more interest in regular season games and probably draw bigger crowds and greater revenue for the bulk of the MLS games.

Make a seperate cup championship for the playoff winner, and narrow the playoff field too.

As it is, the MLS regular season is like every other American sport's regular season, unimportant until playoffs start (excluding football). World soccer and the NFL who are thriving should be the example not MLB, NBA and the NHL.