Thursday, April 26, 2007

What makes a team special?

I asked that to Landon Donovan. Actually, it's for one of my 84 Super Clasico stories I'm working on. Well, it just seems like it's 84.

Anyway, I wanted to find out from some Galaxy people what it takes for Chivas USA to gain true respect because even though they played well last year, they're not there. Certainly they're not in the Galaxy's class when you compare franchises, from top to bottom. They're just not. It's not possible.

MLS and the Galaxy are in year 12, Chivas USA is in year 3 and those are just facts. Which is kind of what I wanted to investigate this and ask 'What will it take for Chivas USA to really truly gain some respect around the league from players, coaches, other franchises, fans, media, etc., etc.

Anyway, listen to what he had to say. He mentions New York.

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Anonymous said...

personally i will never respect chivas usa until they (chivas usa management) learn how to respect US soccer. it is a simple rule which most people learned as a child, you get respect when you give it.