Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spot story

I got the chance to talk to John Cunliffe on Tuesday. He's kind of a quiet guy. I don't know if he's just trying to get used to playing out here or if he's just sort of quiet by nature but he's always just been a little on the reserved side, as long as I've been dealing with him anyway. He seems like a nice enough fellow and answered all my questions recently.


Toddzilla said...

Luis, great article, but thought you'd want to make a small edit. 3rd paragraph, you start with "Kljestan took time to talk to recently..."

L.B. said...

Actually, Kljestan did take the time to talk to us... but it was for another story that already ran.

Thanks for the catch. I was trying to beat sleep on the story there. Sleep apparently got in a last-second jab before I published it and crashed out.

sally said...

hi luis, you and Andrea should really do a segment on your blog called "seperated at birth?" because there are quite a few mls players and national team players who look like they could be twins with some players from the epl and celebrities in general. like sacha kljestan looks like matthew modine from the movie "Vision Quest," clint dempsey looks a little like robert downey jr. and john cunliffe looks like a young mick jagger, remember i told you that before ha, ha! well it would be a fun segment can you think of any others? anyway, i would try to submitt a picture to support my claims but i'm not THAT computer savy! as it is i already tried to send you pictures of me and my friends sporting our mls jersys but i fouled it all up. so there you have it, if you guys run it that's cool, if not that's okay too, either way i'll still read this blog. :)