Thursday, April 5, 2007

Keeping quiet

I'm not really rooting for anyone tonight. I'm watching the game like I usually watch soccer games: as a journalist. If I want to root for someone, I'll go find the Dodgers game.

Anyway, as I'm watching this debacle, the many, many e-mails I received after Houston beat Pachuca and D.C. tied Chivas two weeks ago keep going through my mind.

Here's just an example of the many e-mails I received after those two results:

How much salt did you need to get all that crow down you're eating today? MLS clubs have no chance against the "great" clubs of Mexico? Like lambs to the slaughter?? Might as well be walking into a different game??

When will you wake up and realize that the soccer played here in the US is ALREADY on par with any soccer played in Mexico and with the new rules in MLS, it's about to step over the Mexican league like a stinking turd.

I guess they all got too anxious to jump on me and my initial thoughts. I'm not gloating or anything as tempted as I am to tell people to kindly take their e-mails and you know what. It really isn't rocket science. One league is dominated by the other and there is a combined 28-4 scoreline now and it's there for a reason.

Maybe I'll still have to eat crow/sushi - and I hope for Dominic Kinnear's sake I will - but like all these quick-on-the-trigger e-mailers, let's all just wait and see what happens in the second half.

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