Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hey, hey, the gang's all here

After conducting locker room interviews, reporters often take the elevator and walk through the Stadium Club on the way back to the press box.

Last night, Scott French and I rode the elevator up with Bob Bradley ("It's good to see Sacha get a goal. It gives him confidence.") (Peter and I will be going to Europe soon, check in on some players.). When we got out, Bradley was pulled away to meet Laurent Merlin ("Hey, Bob, have you met our French guy?")

Inside the club, Amado Guevara and his wife were chatting with friends, and former Chivas USA general manager Whit Haskel was toasting with some other officials of the team. As I tried to pass through the crowd, Gary Richards of the 2G's radio show greeted me. (note to self - get a radio show - it allows for more partying after games as opposed to knocking out articles. )

Gary introduced me to Eric Wynalda, who I've actually met before, but we said hello again anyway.

Anyway, the drinks were flowing, everyone seemed to be having a good time, but we had to trudge back to the press box, where the coffee was out and not so much as a cookie could be found to snack on. I realize the thousands who froze in Colorado and Columbus probably have little sympathy.

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Matt said...

Drinks were flowing and Wynalda was there? Did anyone bring up Jim Rome?