Monday, October 13, 2008

Torres talks

An outing of around 20 minutes – what are your thoughts?

I’m very happy. I’m grateful to the coach for putting me in. I thank God that things worked out for me to come play for the U.S. I’m very happy. We won, we came out with a victory in front of our fans. (the camera pans to a fan sign: Torres > Castillo)

What did you think this experience was going to be like?

I was nervous when I got here. I thought it was going to be different. But I got here Monday and all my teammates welcomed me. Little by little, I was training more and getting to know my teammates. I think I have great teammates that have treated me well.

Did you know about the drama over you in Mexico? What are your thoughts?

I think I made the right decision. I did wait for an opportunity from Mexico, but they didn’t give me one. I waited a while, and then the U.S. called again. I talked with my family and then I was the one who decided to come. I think it’s a great opportunity for me to play and succeed. Thank God, things are turning out well.




man-from-michigan said...

I support El Tri. I have to say taht Torres made a great decision by choosing USMNT. He stated that he waited for the call-up from El Tri and it did not come. He is an awesome young player and will do great things for the USMNT. Good luck to him.


CapeCodFutbol said...

I support the USMNT. I'm thrilled with Torres' decision. As an individual, I think he brings some skills that will offer us something good and different. As a general matter, I think this jousting over players has really just gotten started. Should be fun to watch how that develops, but for now I'm happy with the bird in the hand -- and hoping to grab a couple in the bush, too.

Anonymous said...

Torres wouldnt get playing time in el Tri. Only reason Mexico called him up is probably because Pachuca warned the fed that US was knocking on his door.

drew_brown said...

come now...Torres won't get playing time but Castillo gets slotted in almost immediately?

Torres is a great addition to our midfield depth. Hopefully BB uses him well. He gave us the qualities that Benny Feilhaber appeared headed for before his rapid downward spiral. Right now though he appears to be another guy who will play without many defensive responsibilities. Him and Adu essentially play the same role, but in a different manner. My hope is a BB finds a way to mesh them both into the team going towards 2010.

Dan Haug said...

ALright AC... spill the beans.

WHat's this new job all about???

abcampa said...

E. Castillo is far better than Torres. He really is a promising left back. Still, E Castillo wont be seeing much WCQ time for Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I actually think Torres has a better soccer brain than Adu. Adu's decision making isn't the best, and I wouldn't be surprised if Torres sends Adu to the bench from here on out.

abcampa said...

Apu, say it aint soo!


FC Uptown said...

The kid looked good. Where's he been all this time - should have called him in a year ago.