Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Invasion - Or Not

They're coming! New clubs, investment, etc, coming to spice up little ole MLS.

Barsa bids!

Blank bids!

Jack's not terribly impressed with the history of foreign investment so far

Gullit prophesies doom.

Grahame has a blog! Well, ok, the LA Times has a blog and Grahame is on it, taking Gullit on.


The Hammer said...

I'm curious if the league may be expanding too fast.

Even though more teams were added, which should've put pressure on bottom feeders going into the final weeks. Here we are with the bottom feeders with a clear shot at making the playoffs.

I wonder if that's because rosters are starting to get a little thin. I would hate for the increase in quality to be halted, or worse, to turn into a decrease in quality because of overexpansion.

RHYbread said...

I think the level of play is going to have a similar early 00's drop in quality but none of the business problems that came with it this time around.

BlueWhiteLion said...

If we raise the cap a bit, and divorce it from DP spending, that will allow for more mid-level players to enter, and pay the lower guys a bit more, and add more entry level players. With all the USL teams, I would think the MLS could draw from their ranks. Also wonder about a slight increase in foreign players? (who might be attracted by better salaries and quality of US life)