Saturday, October 4, 2008


Schwartz takes Sven to task:

Si aquí no los pelan, tienen todo el derecho de hacer valer su doble nacionalidad, y en ese tenor, Michel Orozco y José Francisco Torres defenderán ahora con orgullo y dignidad los colores de Estados Unidos.

If we don't give them a chance here, they have every right to use their dual nationality, and in that vein, Michael Orozco and José Francisco Torres now defend with honor and dignity the colors of the U.S.

Orozco ya lo había hecho desde los Olímpicos, y Torres andaba con que sí y con que no, pero al ver que en la última llamada de Eriksson -donde no hubo europeos- no fue tomado en cuenta, pues de plano optó por lo que más le convenía a él, que es la selección de los Estados Unidos, equipo multirregional que da oportunidad a los talentos cuando los detecta.

Orozco has already done so in the Olympics and Torres was going back and forth in deciding until he saw the latest roster of Eriksson, which didn't have any Europeans. Torres wasn't called, and he finally opted for what appealed to him more, the USA team, a multiregional squad which gives an opportunity when it detects talent.

Así que yo le veo un futuro promisorio a los dos a la larga en esta escuadra, y los felicito por su valentía para dar el paso y la voz de alerta de que en México seguimos desperdiciando talento.

I forsee a promising future for both players on this team and I congratulate them for their brave step in this direction and for raising the alarm about what will continue to happen if Mexico continiues ignoring new talent.


RHYbread said...

Funny thing about that second translation. Many US soccer fans would say it's not exactly about giving an opportunity when we detect talent, but not driving that talent away (Rossi, maybe Subotic) and detecting that talent in the first place.

East River said...

I don't understand the fixation on these particular players. Yes they are talented but are they any more talented then Mexican born Mexican talent. Mexico is already chalk full of youthful talent in Dos Santos and Vela and so on. And surely there are other youthful talent born and raised in Mexico. I wonder is this just an example of Mexico worrying about the growing strength of the US? Is Mexico's interest in these players an attempt to keep the strength of the US National Team at bay?

Anonymous said...

I think it more of an issue of them losing money in the future. Imagine if the US Nats had more Mexican Americans, and the community here starts supporting the national team in numbers, The Mexican golden egg would be gone. They make a lot of Money playing in the states then in Mexico. It would be the pochos vs the native born mexicans. It's Why Mexico wont let these kids slip through again, especially of they are good enough to make both teams.
I hope more of these Kids make the US team, the US nats deserve huge home support from all fans of all nationalities. And we deserve a fusion of playing styles.

Anonymous said...

There is already several mexican american players in our system: Felix Garcia, Eder Arreola, Carlos Martinez, and Jorge Flores.

A.Ruiz said...

Yeah, I can see the people at the USS salivating at the media campaign already.

Orozco and Torres on the soda cans in little markets and bodegas across the country with the American uniform on.