Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bruce and Bob

Bruce Arena was asked at the Galaxy presser what he thought of the U.S. game versus Cuba.

"It was good," he answered, but he looked so utterly unimpressed that the entire group of journalists cracked up with laughter. "That kind of performance to is be expected. Cuba is not a strong team. They're an amateur team, basically."

One way to take that is that Bruce is exactly right, Cuba wasn't a strong team, even without players defecting. Another way to take that is that Bruce perhaps doesn't like the idea that another coach could surpass his own accomplishments, and his praise was a bir grudging based on that. Or maybe, Bruce was miffed that Bob Bradly didn't pull Landon Donovan after the USMNT game had been put out of reach by the Americans.

I watched the Cuba game thinking that Landon might, just might, because he's crazy like that, make it back from that for the Galaxy game if the U.S. routed Cuba and he got pulled early for a more inexperienced player. Instead, Landon went the full 90, so it was a surprise to see him on the bench, let alone on the field, for the Galaxy.

That wasn't Bruce's idea. He told reporters that he hadn't even had contact with Landon until his phone rang and Landon told Bruce that he'd come back and thought he could play in the game.


Steve B said...

Andrea and Luis,

I wanted to thank you guys for being the best la galaxy blog that I've found. I visit your site pretty often but rarely post. Please keep up the fantastic work!

Also, I wanted to share some stats with you regarding the Galaxy Playoff Push 2008:

It is still mathematically possible for the Galaxy to make it into the playoffs with a tie @ Houston and a win vs. FC Dallas.

Of course, a win this Saturday would be better.

Assuming the same rules from last year, the first tie breaker is head-to-head record, and the second is +/-.

This gives the Galaxy the edge over San Jose, Colorado, and FC Dallas (NICE!!!). We are even with DC United, Kansas City, and Real Salt Lake. NY has the tie breaker over us.

The only way that the Galaxy are eliminated from contention is if New York AND Kansas City AND Real Salt Lake all win.

Scenarios to make it (tie @ Houston, win vs. Dallas):

Galaxy tie and win, to have 36 pts.
San Jose earns 6 of 9 pts for 36,
Colorado earns 2 of 6 pts for 36,
FC Dallas earns 1 of 3 pts for 36,
(and lose vs. Galaxy on 10/26)
DC United earns 2 of 6 pts for 36,
(and Galaxy have higher +/-)
Toronto earns 3 of 6 pts for 35,
New York earns 0 of 6 pts for 36
KC Wiz earns 0 of 6 pts for 36
Real SL earns 0 of 6 pts for 36

Confusing I know, but maybe one of you could write a more clear peice on the Galaxy playoff chances. Thanks for all your hard work, and GO GALAXY!!!

Steve B said...

I found a cool link to use as a resource.

Go Galaxy!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish Bruce would just go away. What happened to all those coaching offers in Europe that he was supposedly considering after the first-round W.C. exit?

He's a farce.