Monday, October 13, 2008

Chivas' road to the playoffs

So apparently we've not countered a Galaxy post with a Chivas USA post. The Galaxy post below about how they could get to the playoffs sparked this, so to counter that particular topic I'll offer here how Chivas USA can get to the postseason.

They're in. Congrats. Now try and win a postseason series. And feel free to score a goal this year.


Anonymous said...

Why are you biased against Chivas USA?

Anonymous said...

Your blog should be called "Luis Bueno wants a job with the Galaxy"

L.B. said...

Biased against Chivas USA? Cool. Now, let me run it down..

- I'm a big Mexico honk. All I care about is Mexican soccer.

- I hate MLS.

- I hate the Galaxy.

- I love the Galaxy and want to work for them.

- I am a goat-loving, red-and-white wearing Chivas USA fanboy.

- I am biased against Chivas USA.

Anything else I missed?

Oh, how about this one: I'm an objective, opinionated writer.

I think I like the last one the best.

Anonymous said...

You know you wanted Jaime's job

Anonymous said...

lol they're just giving u grief.

ELAC said...


How about "Luis Bueno has to pay the bills, so that means hyping the Galaxy bandwagon."

Kids birthday parties are expensive. LOL!

Keep up the good work Luis, even if this blog is Galaxy-heavy.

Alex said...


Some of your newer readers probably don't know what you're all about. I know you support the red-and-white (more than any other writer).

It's been a while since we (by we I mean the followers of the sacred flock) got a good informative post about the Chivas USA. You used to write about practice sessions and injury reports. Every once in a while we were gifted a pic or two.

Now fans that can't make it to the HDC are lost. What happened to Dejair, how is Maykel doing, and is Paulo practicing?

Luis, I am a long time fan. If you get a chance, give us the happs at the HDC.


Nic Green said...

Actually I'm the no.1 Galaxy Homer on the internet!!

Please read my blog, 100 percent Guey!

Anonymous said...

Luis Bueno and Nic Green are lovers, I mean Galaxy Lovers

East River said...

People think this blog is Galaxy heavy? How about this blog is Concacaf Champions League light! I mean has there been 1 single post on the subject? I know LB wrote an article on but neither AC or LB has address USL teams in CCL or Houston balancing both that competition and MLS on this blog.

You can't have everything you want in life. But hopefully SV will address the topic in Feb when the knock round begins.

Anonymous said...

How about a pictorial piece on the Chiva Girls? Make everyone happy!