Monday, October 6, 2008

Bringing in Bowen

So Tristan Bowen, who was the first player the Galaxy signed to their youth development program, could be the first player from that program to advance to the senior team. Officially, he has not signed with the team yet, but a lot of signs point in that direction. It's likely all over but the official confirmation.
The number one evidence, in my view, is that Tristan has been training with the senior team for some time (and looking better than some who are already on the team, by the way). The funny thing - or not so funny depending on your point of view - is that just by being a defacto Galaxy member as part of Galaxy Rios since early 2007, Tristan has more seniority representing LA than most of the actual current players, including Becks.
The future of MLS and the individual teams really rests on cases like these, where players are able to come up through the ranks and contribute to their local clubs.
Tris looks much younger in this pic with Cobi (taken in early 2007) than he does now. He's taller, bigger, stronger. Jozy-lite.
Becks was indirectly responsible for the Galaxy signing Tristan. The young scamp ignored the age requirement when the Galaxy held open tryouts for the team following the Beckham signing announcement. Despite the fact that due to the Becks publicity, hundreds came out for a crazy week of tryouts, Tristan made it through to the finals, but had to confess when the Galaxy wanted more documentation to look seriously at adding him to the squad. He became the foundation of their youth team instead.


betch said...

This is a great story and I don't wanna detract from it, but that picture reminds me to ask... where the eff is Cobi now? What happened to him? The Galaxy just really isn't the same. Just sayin'.

Ben7 said...

"Donovan's remplacement shaking hands with Mr LA Galaxy"

Finally a MLS team starts the ball rolling with the academy players.

I'm sure, easier/better regulations for acadmey players are on it's way.

Good Luck kid!

The Hammer said...

I was excited about Bowen when he was signed to Rios. I was excited about Bowen when Rios became a full team rather than just Bowen playing for Club sides under Galaxy's paycheck. I'm excited about Bowen today.

The youth system is so critical (and so different from other pro sports in the USA) in getting fans in touch with their local sides, especially in a place that's so big like America. Chances are, most Rios kids will be local boys.

Anonymous said...

We will probably traded him away for a 30+ quick fix.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY we are realizing soccer is an occupation like any other trade, you have to be learning it in a professional environment with pro coaches and players as your instructors and mentors. I spent most of my time in college on a soccer scholarship, studying, drinking, chasing chicks, hanging out, scratching my nuts and a few months here and there kicking a soccer ball - things that had noting to do with professional soccer, which was what I really wanted. College is a good place for the average and above average soccer players to earn an education and learn a skill or trade because they are most likely never going to make it as pros. However for the blue chip soccer players (the ones who really has a chance) COLLEGE IS A DEATH SENTANCE!!!