Thursday, October 16, 2008

None too happy

That would be Justino Compean, President of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF).

On the Mexican Federation's web site, Compean spells out in detail how he feels about Mexico's current situation, not through to the Hexagonal with one game to go.

If you can read and understand Spanish, check it out for yourself on the site. But if you don't, I've translated his words below.

And, of course, those are not words of happiness.

It's a sad analysis, one of disappointment. To gain just one point as a visitor is far from what the Mexican national team should be.

The expectation was to go into Honduras having already qualified, and that's been compromised. There are no positive results as visitors. We rescued one point out of six and that's not what we expected to achieve as visitors. Gaining one point was not the most convenient thing, even if it is valuable, but that's the reality for this team, who should have gotten to Honduras already qualified.

It is obvious... we have fallen short - the officials, the players, the coaching staff, nobody has achieved anything when you only gain one out of six points.

It is true that the goal differential helps us but let's not be satisfied and go through falling down. We have everything - infrastructure, players, support from the owners. There is not a single excuse we have for not having qualified.

I am sure Mexico will be in the Hexagonal one way or another, and afterwards the World Cup. We have everything necessary to go. But I hope that on November 19 in Honduras we all have different faces. Today on our faces are disappointment, sadness, letdown. But we have to keep working and moving forward.


Daniel said...

I always believed stronger Mexico makes a stronger US. I've heard the complaint before about the number of foreign players in the Mexican League but now you have them affecting the national team:
Leandro, Guille, Zinha, Vuoso.
I can't remember a time where the US had less "foreign" players (i.e. adult "naturalized" players) than Mexico. The paucity of Mexican talent (word to Mexico,dos Santos and Vela are not talented) is finally taking its toll on the team. They should (though they never will) get rid of the apertura/clausura and go back to the full year league like Europe does. Also, they should do relegation/promotion deal like the Euro leagues as well (bottom 3 down/top 3 up from Primera A). Not that Ericksson is a great coach but he's the best Mexico's had since el vasco. Even he can't get it done. That tells you how dire the situation is.

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree. Mexico has the talent. Dos Santos isn't living up to the hype but Vela is going to be a stud, you don't score hat tricks in the English FA Cup being a scrub. Not one US player in the Premier League has done that. And if you don't think Guardado is talented then you obviously don't know what you're talking about. I don't know what Mexico's deal is to be honest with you, but I agree with Compeon's sentiments. Mexico should have already been qualified by now tough group or not.

Anonymous said...

Also I don't know what the apertura/clausura season has anything to do with how Mexico's performing on the international level. Argentina uses the exact same system minus the playoffs.

Gabriel in Argentina said...

If Mexico has the talent, then why are they not qualified yet? Could it be that Mexico's talent is not as good as everyone else says it is (mostly Mexicans). Lets get real, the days of beating Canada and anyone in Concacaf 6-0 are over. Why? Because other countries have talent as well. Until Mexico stops believing that they can grab 11 guys from the street and beat everyone, they will struggle.

Anonymous said...

You could also make the same argument for the US though. Their future talent that everyone has been hyping wasn't able to beat a team with a 40 and 37 year old. just some food for thought.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Compean's comments reflect the fundamentally fatal flaw in Mexican soccer: a sense of entitlement that reflects an inflated view of itself. This will happen w/the U.S., as well, if it hasn't happened yet.

This is what happens when you have only one continental opponent at your level (in Mexico's case, the U.S., and vice versa), and no quality team from Europe wants to play you on the road because a loss or a tie would be "embarassing." CONCACAF has become stifling for the U.S. and Mexico but, unfortunately, there's no solution forthcoming.

RHYbread said...
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RHYbread said...

More games against CONMEBOL teams when they aren't slogging through their ridiculous qualifying rounds?

Anonymous said...

the Sven honeymoon is definitely over, it didn't take that long at all, as predicted...

mexican fans are now calling for the swede's head, the pundits are openly questioning the wisdom of appointing a national coach with no knowledge of the mexican game...

if el tri (by the grace of god) makes it out of this round, expect a tough fight through the final six... not everyone is so sure we are going to make it now.... even televisa is starting to get nervous.

al final, la soberbia nos va a morder el culo.

saludos, d

Gabriel in Argentina said...

I agree with the comment regarding the US hype..we all thought that Adu would be Messi..he is not..and he will not be Messi..we all thought Dos Santos would be Messi..he is not and will not be Messi..Altidore?..maybe good enough someday..but not Messi..Vella?..shows promise..could be good one day..Vella is more advanced than Altidore by a lot right they will end up..who knows