Monday, October 6, 2008

Cali crew

Could Klinsi come back to Cali and coach the Galaxy?

I wouldn't bet against it. If Philly lures Arena away, or he becomes the latest coach to be dumped from the team, something tells me there is a good chance Klinsi would be available.

The other questions would be - would this choice help the team?


Ben7 said...

Manager Klinsmann @ World Cup 2006 = refreshing, attacking soccer. Excellent motivational skills as shown in various documentaries.

Manager Klinsmann @ Bayern = tried many new things which so far don't work, sometimes you feel he lacks certain basics for the job. It could however still come good.

Tragic is, that most people seem to forget a certain Jogi Loew (now NT Headcoach, was his Assistant back then) and Matthias Sammer. (German Director of Soccer) which were at least equally if not more important for the whole DFB team, set up, tactic school, training methods and the likes.

Neururer a long term german topflight coach said over the weekend:

ATM Klinsi is the best paid traineee manager and is allowed to try his skills at the most famous german club.


I don't want yet another "reboot", I know some people don't like Arena but can he have at least a proper chance ? ie when his hands are not captied...

Not saying Klinsmann wouldn't be welcome in some form or his current Mexican? Assistant, but what the Galaxy need is STABILITY and some LONG(er) TERM THINKING first and foremost.


CACuzcatlan said...

I agree with ben7. The last thing we need right now is another coaching change. Especially someone who doesn't have very much first hand experience with MLS and all its rules and regulations. I say give Bruce Arena at least until the end of next season before starting to talk about firing him. I'm not a big fan of Arena, but changing coaches isn't going to solve anything if we don't allow them time to build up a team and show what they can do.

The Hammer said...

I wouldn't be surprised. Arena wouldn't have to be fired, remember that he's also the team's GM.

He also made comments upon arrival talking about him potentially letting go and leaving Sarachan in charge.

It's entirely possible that Bruce Arena will not be the head coach in 2009, but instead either Sarachan or another candidate.

Cacuzcatlan... Klinsy was an assistant at Galaxy before. He lived in SoCal and was often at games. He's fully informed on MLS procedure.

Phillip Quinn said...

Klinsmann has been an absolute disaster at Bayern so far.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, so far has been a stabilizing and calming presence for this LA Galaxy make-shift team. His knowledge and experience w/ US Soccer and MLS is undeniably valuable. And, to me, the players actually enjoy having his tutilege. What the LA Galaxy does not need right now is changes at the top. So, if Bruce wants to focus more on GM responsibilities. Okay, I'm fine with that, but... as long as we have all of the RIGHT players LA Galaxy needs on the roster. At present, there are some players on this roster that just needs to fisnish this season, keep their mouths closed, pack up, and leave. That's as nice as I can put it. The way the LA Galaxy team should be built for next season is how a team can be constructed so that it will actually be a real, definite, absolute challenge for Houston, New England, Columbus, and Chicago. Once the players have been brought in... then, one can make more sensible and educated musings about which coach should lead this team.

James said...

I think we've all learned that Loew was the reason for Germany's sucess in the 06 WC. Klinnsmann would be another coach for the G's to dump after 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Ives is reporting that Tristan Bowen just signed with the Galaxy as their first academy player. Once again Galaxy make MLS history.

Anonymous said...

Stabilizing and calming?

We've won 1 game out of 7 under Bruce and our offensive productivity has dropped from 2.4 goals per game to 1.50 gpg.

I liked the good offense, bad defense, 5th place team.

soy said...

when are the galaxy gonna realize that its not the coach that is their problem, its the riff-raff they have on the field.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

a.c., just because Klinsmann is being booed in Munich means he's going to come running back to Los Angeles? If he wanted the job, he could have had it before AEG allowed 19 Entertainment to hire Gullit.

If Bayern Munich is becoming such a headache for Klinsmann, do you seriously believe that he would want another one?

BTW, soy, the problem with Galaxy is less the "riff-raff" on the field and more -- far more -- the "riff-raff" in the front office (and I don't mean Arena, boys and girls...). Who do you think acquired those players whom you describe as "riff-raff"? Who allowed the salary cap to get so out of balance?