Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kingston rocked

Rafa Marquez: What we were missing was a little bit of luck. We had a lot of chances and plenty of attacks, but we didn't have the luck to help us score a goal. Considering the youth on the team, I think we played well and showed a lot of of character.

Gerrado Torrado: We didn't have good fortune. We got to goal again and again and couldn't score. They were able to score on one attack.

Sven: We've got to play more quickly when we're facing opponents with the physical strength of Jamaica. We needed to move the ball around more, all around the field. Now we've got to make sure that we do that on Wednesday. We'll play faster.


Anonymous said...

Sr. Bueno
I enjoy reading your articles, but enough is enough. You are the kiss of death for the Mexican National Team. Every time the team hits a stride, you write something positive and they end up losing and/or looking foolish. What’s going on here? Please write about the USMT. Maybe it will have the same effect on the them.

On a side note. Can you do me a favor and find out what’s situation with CONCACAF trying to block the Mexican clubs from participating in the South American tournaments.


abcampa said...

CONCACAF is already considered a joke of a federation by many. Without Mexico it would be worse. They want to make Concachampions and onter CONCACAF more enjoyable. good luck.