Monday, October 13, 2008

Reading + Soccer = READ Futbol Mundial

It's not often that I get to combine my enthusiasm and experience in both soccer and education, but as guest editor for READ Futbol Mundial, that's exactly what I was able to do.

I've contributed articles to Futbol Mundial before, but the READ version is a different magazine aimed at engaging middle school students to read more by using soccer as a lure. The articles are trying to present positive role models and be instructive on different levels, teaching not only reading and writing skills, but a little financial literacy as well.

I was honored to be asked to participate in the project of putting together their second issue. I wrote quite a few of the articles in the magazine (Luis contributed one, too). The READ Futbol team put together an essay contest for kids as well, with "My Favorite Player" as a topic.

This issue is being distributed in the New York area, but all of the articles are available on the website and anyone in the country can enter the reading or essay contest. There's an option to upload photos. The issue has articles on the Olympics, a Claudio Suarez book review, an interview with Juan Pablo Angel, and more.

I've always respected the views of our readers, so if you have any suggestions and comments, post them here or on the READ Futbol Mundial site.


Anonymous said...

Futbol Mundial is a joke of a publication.

It often presents erroneous facts , sub par articles and poor editing.

I met the guy in charge, he is a real a hole.

I cant belive Concacaf uses this garbage as its oficial provider of programs for its tournys

A.C. said...

Futbol Mundial is among the most professional organizations I've ever worked with. They pay their writers well, they develop good story ideas and their head editor, Roberto Abramovitz, is a great guy who has had years of experience in the game.
We don't edit comments or block anonymous comments any more, but when crap like this shows up, it really makes me want to change the policy.
This was a post about a magazine for kids, to encourage reading through a love of soccer, and this is the kind of feedback that's offered? The world depresses me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Well if futbol mundial is so great then why is it a free publication , i guess no one would pay for that crap

brucio said...

hey andrea
does futbol mundial have an english language website
for what ever reason i have never been able to find one

Anonymous said...

AC - dont lose hope - congrats on your hard work! Remember that our industry has always been full of people who lack the appreciation for what does not make sense to them and their own, narrow views.