Monday, October 13, 2008

TnT takes on U.S. young 'uns

Play the pundit. What do you think about Bradley's moves lately? Has he been too conservative? Is it too late for TnT? Will the fringe players and newbies perform well?

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Anonymous said...

I'm hardly Bradley's biggest fan, but I think he's been playing it correctly. Putting the big guns out there early ensures that we're now in a position where we're guaranteed to move on, and therefore have the freedom to experiment a little more for the upcoming match. Had he brought in one or two more young players for the earlier matches, the 1-0 wins could've been 0-0 draws, putting us at 8 points instead of 12.

I know this is goes a little far into the world of conjecture, but my point is playing it safe might actually give an opportunity to look at more young players once qualification has been clinched, as opposed to seeing only one or two new players each match, while under more pressure for points.