Monday, October 13, 2008

Lobster Bib Rankings (Oct. 13)

Two weeks left in the regular season and most clubs are sinking. There are four clubs worth a damn right now (those ranked, conveniently enough 1-4), a fifth that can go either way and nine clubs who can't get their acts together, nine clubs that vary from pathetic to uber-pathetic. And nine clubs who still have a chance of reaching MLS Cup 08.

Gotta love the playoff chase.

1. Columbus Crew (16-6-6). Can't imagine any other team occupying this spot for the rest of this season.
2. Houston (11-5-11). Need points to stave off a hard-charging Chivas squad.
3. Chivas USA (12-10-6). Few gave them a shot of repeating as conference champs, but that's exactly what could happen.
4. Chicago (12-9-7). May have sent message to Columbus: watch out for Fire in conference title game...
5. New England (12-9-7)... which New England have little shot of reaching now that Steve Ralston has a broken leg.
6. Real Salt Lake (9-10-9). Rio Tinto Stadium better become a house of horrors for opponents soon if RSL wants to reach postseason.
7. FC Dallas (8-9-11). Dropping points at home means must-win road games coming up.
8. Kansas City (9-10-9). Wizards sit in a playoff spot despite horrendous road record.
9. Colorado (10-14-4). Needing a win, Rapids came out with a losing effort against LA.
10. Toronto (8-12-8). Can't afford to drop points like that... well, they couldn't if they were actually alive.
11. Los Angeles (8-12-8). Nothing like two consecutive home wins to get a little fire going.
12. San Jose (7-11-9). It was too difficult for first-year club to maintain midseason surge.
13. DC (10-14-4). Road shutout is nothing to hang heads about for this disaster of a club.
14. New York (9-10-9). 14 goals allowed in last six games - that's not the way to close out a season.


kris said...

13. DC (10-14-4). Road shutout is nothing to hang heads about for this disaster of a club.

Disaster of a club? Lets rephrase that.... Disaster of a season. This club has been a success since 96, this season has been the disaster.

Anonymous said...

hm. odd how your 14th ranked team is still in possession of a playoff spot...