Wednesday, April 4, 2007

WNT in game mode

The women's national team is back in camp, preparing for upcoming matches. Top pic features Kristine Lilly, all-time world leader in international caps, taking on India Trotter.

Can anyone name all the people in the second picture?


Toddzilla said...

Well, I can't name them all, though I do recognize Lloyd, Chalupny, Tarpley, Trotter, and Wambach. I don't know the other two offhand.

Speaking of Kristine Lilly, I'm waiting for the day that we have a men's team player who finishes as well as she does. She's ridiculous anywhere inside the penalty area...I'm hoping that Landon continues to take shots from distance so we can see if he fits the bill.

Anonymous said...

Lohman, Lloyd, Chalupny, Jobson (Miller), Tarpley, Trotter, Wambach