Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Captain America

On his radio show, Eric Wynalda called Claudio Reyna "Claudia" a few times, a teasing reference to Reyna's tendency to pick up injuries. Reyna doesn't look delicate, but then again, Landon Donovan doesn't look tough - and he's almost never injured.

I don't think Reyna's last appearance was a fitting exit for him, and yet I believe time is running out to provide one, so I have a suggestion.

Plus, I don't think Red Bull fans should panic if this plan can be worked out. Clint Mathis can fill in just fine.


Nick said...

Luis or Andrea: What do you make of the Osorno rumors? Have you heard anything? Does the Atlas-KC partnership have an impact here? Is Osorno still good?

D said...

I really don't think that Eric, given his recent history, should get into the habit of playing with player names and gender roles. A little too "Chris Everett" for me, and sort of puts him on the same level. Eric! Keep to the high road!

A.C. said...

Very good point, D.

However, I thought it was funny that during his show, Eric at some point mentions, "I'm not drinking beer any more."

He did say mention that was for weight-loss reasons, though.

Anonymous said...

I hope one day that Concacaf will change its boring Gold Cup from every 2yrs to ever 4yrs and not have it the same summmer as Copa America. US fans have wanted for too long to see its team with its best players back in Copa. Only to see the Gold Cup get in the way. Honestly remember US fans joy to hear the Yanks were finally returning to Copa? Only to be told it will likely send mostly 2nd rate players:-(

Focusing on the Confederations Cup just to play a few games in South Africa with a team whose players may or may not make the World Cup squad is a bit silly. It implies that you are getting a preview of the 2010 WC team and that the coaches mind is mostly made up a whole year before it takes place. The counter arguement is that instead of just playing a few friendly on foreign soil we gain valuable experience playing meanful games a year before the World Cup. That point is well taken but did the US not play 2 friendlies in Germany just months before the 06 WC? Mostly made up of players featured on the WC squad. What the USMNT should focus on is making sure the players from its pool are battle tested and peaking at the right time.

Allen said...

Cleatus fill in for Reyna? I'd suggest going back and watching the 20+ games when Clint was at RSL filling the role of a two-way CM before making that sort of a claim.

A.C. said...

Clint in New York is a creature reborn - not the sad shambles of a guy he was while at Salt Lake.

If anyone can whip Clint into fighting shape, it's Pierre.

Anonymous said...

I got to calling Reyna Claudia last summer during the WC. Wynalda, for his own good, should probably leave the name calling to us anonymous posters.

Anonymous said...

I do disagree about giving Reyna some sort of big sendoff this summer. If he is remembered poorly because of his last game, he has no one to blame but himself.

He gave Ghana a goal on a totally amateur mistake, he preferred to fake injury and leave the game rather than show enough heart to continue. He then called the US 'a small footballing nation' after the game in some lame excuse from Captain America. Good bye and good riddance Claudia.