Sunday, February 3, 2008

Zinha zings Landon

Contrary to what this clip is titled by ESPN Deportes, Antonio Naelson doesn't say that Landon Donovan plays dirty (sucio). Mostly he talks about Hugo Sanchez calling him in to the national team. The bit on Landon comes at the very end.


The interviewer asks, "What do you think of Landon Donovan, as a Mexican?

He’s a load – he’s someone who lacks respect, who doesn't have a conscience when he speaks. He provokes rage, he provokes feelings where you want to do something if he’s nearby – but that’s football. We’ve got to win – only by beating him will we shut him up.


Eugene said...

I love it. I'm not a big Landon fan, but after reading these comments from Zinha, my respect for Landon has increased.

Why should Landon show respect for any of the Mexican NT players? None of these guys are that special. I wouldn't expect the Mexican NT players to show any respect for the US either.

The Hammer said...

That's just it. Landon DOES show respect for the most part. The only incident I can recall was when he used the bushes at Estadio Jalisco as a urinal, but then again, it's Chivas' home so it's nothing I wouldn't have done.

Landon doesn't really say anything controversial, but the fact that he speaks Spanish seems to get under Mexicans' skins. There's actually a video over at where Landon is highlighting the importance of respect of the field. He starts by saying "Hello to all the Mexicans, I know you don't like me, and that's okay..."

Nicole said...

See, this really chaps my hide. The Mexican media distort stuff and downright make stuff up and then the Mexican players just run with it.

Donovan respects the Mexican player. He's said it numerous times. It's their lack of respect (won't shake hands, won't exchange shirts - dirty, dirty play, i.e., WC2002 head-butting, kicks cleats up to the side, 2007 Sanchez trying to take out Eddie Johnson) that gets LD's dander up.

Zinha is a whining baby...just like his coach, just like the fans, just like the rest of their sorry team.

Eugene said...

We know what Landon says to the media, but how do any of you guys know what he says on the field? I think that's what Zinha was referring to, not Landon's public comments.

Anonymous said...

I am not the biggest Donovan fan, but it really is hard to believe that any Mexican can think he is disrespectful or arrogant when it is elTri who are walking off the field without shaking hands or exchanging shirts.

brucio said...

zinha is a poser - as far as i know there has never been one single report of landon being anything but respectful to mexico when he speaks - hell, he goes out of his way to speak in spanish

lets see some mexican players do an interview in english for once, just once

Slav said...

I AM Landon's big fan: it seems to me the Mexican player has a chip on his shoulder the size of Gibraltar.
Probably true of the whole team, judging from their attitude in the past. Should handicap them nicely tomorrow.