Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dream on

I'm all over Sueno MLS. I've been covering it for so I was out in Bell Gardens on Friday and Saturday. Here's the story from the first day.

Not sure if they've come across the next Jorge Flores yet, but some of the action I've seen hasn't been very good. It's funny though. I've talked to quite a few trialists and all of them, well all except for one, said that they expect to get called back. I think some of them will get their hearts broken soon.

The only one who didn't say that was probably the best player I've talked to so far, a guy who made it far last year and is back to try it again. Pretty humble guy actually. I'll post a link when that story runs.

Anyway, if you want a chance of fulfilling your Sueno, there are apparently still spots left open. Okay, so maybe you won't be on an MLS roster in the future but at least you could score a free t-shirt and a ticket to a game!

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