Thursday, February 21, 2008


The original Jesus Padilla story - the one where he was born in Mexico but came here at the age of 2 - did not make sense before.

The updated Jesus Padilla story doesn't make sense either.

Now, before I get into it, some of you may wonder why we care or why we're pursuing the story. Well, it's a story because of Chivas' own traditions. It's an issue because it's their policy and they are a giant club with millions of fans worldwide. And as a player on said club, Padilla is in the limelight, for both good and bad, just like any other Chivas player. Scrutiny and criticism, both positive and negative, comes with the territory.

Anyway, Padilla's story is now this: he was born here, in San Jose, Calif., but when he was 10 days old, his family moved back to Mexico. For how long, who knows? But he said during a news conference today that his parents were there because of work and he's lived in Mexico since. I'd quote the link but it's on, and that's a pay site. If I find the info elsewhere I'll put it up.

Well, that story doesn't make sense either. His oldest sister was born here in the U.S., that's not contested. So were his three younger sisters. So how long is his whole life? Did he live down there while his parents and other sisters lived in San Jose?

Then there's this story. The San Jose Mercury News profiled Padilla in July of last year, when Chivas played Busan of Korea in San Jose. Read the story and tell me that there aren't inconsistencies.

And as far as the issue of him supposedly disliking the possibility of playing for the U.S., he's talking a big game now but back in July - after he turned down the U-20 invite - he said he'd like to keep his options open, a mindset that supposedly had the blessing of his father.

To some of you, it may seem like I have something against Padilla. Even he himself wondered why this investigation of him. But when he essentially comes up with tales about his life, someone has to call him on it.


Lou Dobbs said...

Was he deported? I hate Mexicans taking away the jobs of good, honest working Americans.

Frankly, I hope he stays.

Bill O' Reilly said...

What he said.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I think LB and AC are kind of bummed out that Chivas brass ain't making a big deal about this and closed the book on this case a long time ago.
Let it go...

A.C. said...

Jesus seems to be upset that we'd look into the truth of his story "like I'm some delinquent" he apparently said in his interview, but it's not that at all. It's only Chivas' tradition of Mexican-born players that made this an issue at all.
Also, why would Luis or I act on behalf of the USSF to force Jesus to play for the U.S., as the article seems to imply? Jesus was already eligible for the American team. Uncovering the truth of his birth only impacts one thing - Padilla's status with Chivas, and only because it hasn't been tolerated in the past. That's why Mascareno didn't last.

eastlachiva said...

Bottom line is both of you did a great job on this story and the insuing follow up.

Nice work.

A.C. said...

Actually, even if I'm skeptical of the whole, "My family moved to Mexico when I was ten days old" story, to me the details of all that don't matter. The main truth has already exposed. If Chivas fans are fine with an update in tradition, that's great. When Luis and I discussed possible outcomes to the story, I suggested that one.
"Maybe they'll realize that the whole Mexican-born thing isn't worth the hassle and they'll just modify it, or clarify that they mean "Mexican citizens" all along," I said.
Luis didn't think change would come that quickly. Looks like I might have been right on this one.

The Hammer said...

If he's knowingly using a Mexican birth certificate that says he was born in Mexico then he IS a delinquent.

CACuzcatlan said...

This is a big issue! Exposing a nationalist, discriminatory organization like Chivas for their own hypocrisy is a huge deal. I'm disappointed there hasn't been mention of this (via references to this blog) by Goff or Ives.

Anonymous said...

He acts like this has something to do with the US wanting him to play for our national team. I tell you one thing our coaches have more pride then to have someone like him play for out team. it just go to show what is happening in Mexico, with the national team and now this team. They know that there talent pool is droping so they start using foreigners on both levels. As a US fan I could care less about this guy, but the real story is that Mexico and this team has started a trend of trying to Win by and means necessary. Its funny someone should go tell this Jose guy that being an American has nothing to do with having blonde hair. Its to be proud of your home, I bet this guy thinks he relates to all the mexicans. I am sure however that all the mexicans in mexico dont even like him.

Good job on the report