Thursday, February 21, 2008

Other happenings

Hard for me to believe, but there are other things going on in the world of soccer besides el Gringo Padilla.

- Chivas USA unofficially sent another player to San Jose. Takayuki Suzuki is with the 'Quakes and scored a goal in a friendly against Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Now, before you guys get bent out of shape, keep in mind he would have had to have beaten out probably Atiba Harris for a spot on the team. Atiba Harris isn't a superstar or anything but he knows the league and has done some decent things here before. Suzuki does not know the league and would be at best a bit of a project. Chivas USA's roster is limited so if they want to add any more players - to the senior roster anyway - chances are they'd have to move a player in order to do so.

- Atlante has left the door open for Alain Nkong to return. At least, that's what club officials are saying these days. Atlante, of course, tried to ship Nkong out to Leon of the second division after he was selected to join Cameroon's African Nations Cup squad. Nkong did not report to Atlante or Leon or anybody after the ANC, but now Atlante officials apparently are willing to let by-gones be by-gones.

- Pumas coach Ricardo "Tuca" Ferreti said that he did not think the Mexican national team should use foreigners. What's the big deal? Well, Tuca was born in Brazil. He said that he just doesn't feel it is right. My guess is, he's angling to get the Mexico gig when Hugo Sanchez's time is up. By saying the right things when the incumbent manager's popularity is sinking, Tuca could gain a groundswell of support that would come in handy later. Such a tactic worked for Hugo Sanchez - why wouldn't it work for Tuca?

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