Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chivas' own website tells a different story

Than the one Nestor de la Torre and Jesus Padilla are now spinning about Jesus only having spent ten days in the U.S. Back when people still thought that Jesus was born in Mexico, the club wrote up a little article on their website about him turning down the invite to play with the US U20 team.

Here's how they told his story then.

Jesús Padilla nació en San José de lo Reynoso, municipio de San Miguel el Alto Jalisco, y a los dos años se fue a radicar a la Unión Americana, donde estudió toda su primaria y secundaria y desde los catorce años está en Fuerzas Básicas de Chivas.

La familia de Padilla Cisneros vive en San José, California.

Jesus Padilla was born in San Jose de lo Reynoso, a town in San Miguel el Alto, Jalisco, and at two years of age moved to the U.S., where he stayed all through elementary school and into high school. He joined Chivas' youth team at fourteen. The Padilla family lives in San Jose.

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