Thursday, February 21, 2008

New policy?

Might the fallout from the Jesus Padilla case cause a shift in policy with one of the most storied clubs in the Western Hemisphere?

Before yesterday, the common belief was that Chivas accepted only players born in Mexico - it was pretty black and white. Now, it seems that there is a gray area. Padilla and Chivas officials acknowledge that the player was born in San Jose, California, but that since he was able to get his birth certificate in order and, to Chivas, his upbringing checks out, both sides are content with putting this behind them and moving on.

Only time will tell, though, if this becomes a long-term solution or if it is just a bit of damage control on both of their parts. As is usually the case, the people (in this case Chivas fans) will likely determine the outcome of this particular case. I imagine that if there is some sort of acceptance among some Chivas fans while there is likely some animosity or similar emotions from another portion of their immense fan base. Who has the larger numbers and yields more power is the question. Then there is the Mexican media of course that might play a large role as well.

If Padilla does stick around, though, then it may be some sort of shift in policy. Perhaps Chivas will be more open to signing foreign-born children of Mexican nationals and thus expanding their talent base. Of course, this is assuming Padilla's is an isolated incident.


Toddzilla said...

I wonder if we can get Lionel Messi to "get his birth certificate in order" so he can play for the U.S. :-)

Anonymous said...

LB and AC, you guys should credit your faithfull blogger for some of your story leads. I remember asking LB about "El gringo" Padilla quite some time ago after he tore it up in a pre-season tourney in Korea. Your bloggers are at least giving you guys some things to think about... To think this story is making international news now...we feel special.

Why wouldn't Chivas want to expand their horizons and options by signing Mexican-Americans?

It makes business sense and Jorge Vergara the owner is all about business.

Examine the facts. 25-35 million Mexican-Americans and counting, that is almost one-third the size of all the Mexican population.
Incredible merchandising, televison revenue and spending power.

The US has an improving soccer infrastructure which it has proven time and time again vs. Mexico.
Mexico has been benefiting from this for some time now ($$$) and now through players.

One of the early stated goals of Chivas USA was to eventually someday have player movement both ways.


Anonymous said...

Though the intention of goodwill may be somewhat there. This only hurts the MLS and the USSF. Padilla is in love with the idea of playing for the most "mexican" of FMF teams but in the long run, these players lose all interest in playing for the US.
It's only more obvious every time US plays Mexico, that the US needs better skilled players (i.e. Mexican/Chicano/Latino players).

THe MLS and USSF needs to step up to the plate and make a stand against Mexican teams hording all the Gringo Padillas of the world.

L.B. said...

BBSC, you rock! It's because of faithful readers like you that we're doing this, both on the blog and for our paying outlets. I feel like we're all in this together!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout LB.

And keep up the investigative reporting!