Thursday, February 21, 2008

Getting the story straight

Here's an important detail about the Jesus Padilla story - no one leaked it. Whether anyone from the Guadalajara club or their associated club here, Chivas USA, knew about Jesus' birthplace is another story, but no one said anything to Luis or I about it before we started working on the story.

When we'd confirmed our suspicions by obtaining a copy of his birth certificate, that's when we started calling people like Thomas Rongen. Rongen's viewpoint that Padilla is unhappy at Chivas may or may not be true, but it didn't impact our story in any way.

We weren't tipped off at all, we just tracked the story down. If anyone thinks a disgruntled Padilla spilled the beans somehow, they're just wrong. Padilla's the one person we still haven't talked to. We tried more than once to set up an interview, but Guadalajara wouldn't cooperate.

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