Thursday, February 21, 2008

Benny's payday?

My editor Jonah Freedman tells us that Benny Feilhaber is seeking DP-like money to return home and play in MLS. He also mentions three clubs that have been mentioned before with Benny - Houston, Chivas USA, San Jose.

I agree with Jonah - and not just because he's my editor. Benny does not equal DP money. I wouldn't fork over more than $200 K for Feilhaber. He's essentially unproven at the club level, though clearly he's very talented.

While I think Chivas USA and San Jose would be eager to get ahold of him, I don't expect either club to overpay for him. Chivas would likely have to get rid of an existing midfielder to accommodate him while San Jose probably doesn't want to start its franchise off by overspending. So far, their player personnel moves have been rather calculated.

At some point, Feilhaber is going to realize that his best option - at least in the short term - is on this side of the pond. If he brings his alleged salary demands down, then a move might be easier facilitated.


Steve said...

Come on Benny! Come home, make the best eleven, and wait for Fulham to come after you. They won't sign you unless you're a real American made player.

Earth aka reality said...

Come back!!

Josh said...

Ha! What basis would he have to make a claim for DP money? He has yet to be a regular for any club he has been on. Is he leveraging his national team call-ups for this kind of dough? If so, I hope he likes Derby's doghouse.

papa bear said...

100% with Josh. He has done nothing to merit that kind of money. I'm sure he's making half a million or so a year in Europe, but we see what they think of him.
He should come back for $200K or so and reinvent himself. Right now he's doing himself no favors.

Anonymous said...

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