Friday, February 29, 2008

Harmse harms his cause

I was somewhat surprised that Frank Yallop didn't take Harmse up north when he started as coach at SJ. I wondered then if even Yallop was growing tired of the unpredictability of having Harmse on the field. It's not a good idea to play soccer with a hockey mentality. That's what Harmse too often showed.

Harmse was a scrappy midfielder, but perhaps that didn't suit Ruud Gullit's style. I wrote here that he was probably trade bait after he went home after Hawaii, and I guess that turned out to be right.

It could have been that Harmse started to make a negative impression on Gullit even as early as last year.


Anonymous said...

Scrappy? More like classless..Anyone see the low blows to the chivas players and when he stepped on that Australian player's arm? Classless..

Eugene said...

Harmse is a hack