Friday, February 22, 2008

KO punch

Anyone remember the Giants Cup? It was played at the LA Coliseum in the year 2000 or 2001, can't recall. The premise seemed somewhat viable - invite some of the region's giant clubs and have them play each other. As the clubs were popular, it seemed like a good opportunity to draw some fans.

Except the crowds were, well, if they were small the tournament wouldn't have been such a monumental failure. The crowds were miniscule, and the tournament vanished.

Such could be the fate of Pan Pacific Championship.


T. said...

I remember CONCACAF's ill fated attempt.

FC Uptown said...

Does anybody really like Brian Ching?

CACuzcatlan said...

Looks like the Galaxy preseason should be in Asia. The attendance at the first day was horrible, especially considering the price of the tickets.

Unrelated to this, or CONCACAF soccer in general, but I was wondering what you guys thought of the Eduardo's injury this morning. It made me sick. That deserves a lifetime ban IMO.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... there were still more people there than at an average Chivas USA game.

bdure said...

I could see the comparison in some ways, but the Giants Cup had a few additional layers of nonsense. CONCACAF already had a continental championship, and various teams are involved in other Cups (Sudamericana, Libertadores) covering some or all of the same territory.

The Pan Pacific tournament is, at least, unique. And it's basically just a couple of MLS preseason games, though the crowds were surely a little bit larger than they would be for the typical February friendly.

So maybe it'll be a "one and done" event, but I'm not sure I see the harm in keeping it. Plenty of MLS teams make less lucrative preseason trips.