Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hitting the fan

The cover of Thursday's edition of Cancha, the sports section of Mural, a newspaper in Guadalajara.
The headline says: Goooool against tradition
Inside, Chivas VP Nestor de la Torre said they would review Jesus Padilla's paperwork on Thursday.
I actually got an e-mail from one of their editors late Thursday. We ended up talking on the phone and swapping Padilla stories. They too had a sense that things didn't line up.
According to one of the stories in Cancha, Padilla was not available for comment. However, I'm sure the same won't be the case on Thursday since the news broke a bit late for them on Wednesday.
This story is far from over.


CACuzcatlan said...

Sounds like they did their own independent investigation, but assuming you guys are the first and/or only ones to find his birth certificate (sorry, haven't read the Spanish story yet) I hope they give you credit for it.

The Hammer said...

Good job to both Luis and Andrea.

L.B. said...


We both did get a mention in Cancha, though no plug for Sideline Views. Oh well.