Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Missing Martino

I just got off the phone with the Galaxy media folk (Yay, Galaxy media guys for calling me back!). The travel roster for the squad was finally released. I say finally, because the team has been there for a while (Boo) already.

Anyway, midfielder Kyle Martino wasn't on the list, which struck me as a bit strange. So I called to check if he was injured. He is not.

Why then, was he left on the continent?

The Galaxy's director of Soccer Paul Bravo did have this formal statement prepared, which the press officer read over the phone: "We felt it was appropriate to limit the number of players traveling to Hawaii. We will further limit the number to Asia. Kyle remains a member of the Galaxy."

Meanwhile, Carlos Ruiz is on the squad, but his injury status means he will not play on Wednesday. He will be assessed on Friday and may play Saturday.

As for Martino's absence and the rather terse statement on his behalf, make of it what you will.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Kyle remains a member of the Galaxy, but for how long? Another salary dump coming?

If so, the Gals will miss the player who should have been their MVP last year. Yes, Martino was all-too-often a yellow card waiting to happen. But he showed the kind of spirit and determination that his teammates should have shown when they lost eight MLS games in a row last summer. That's what makes an MVP, not two gorgeous goals from a player who struggled all season to fit into a position that he practically never played before on the professional level.

Anonymous said...

salary dump doesn't make sense. kmart is on $50K or thereabouts a year and contributes far more than pricier players like vagenas, gray, harmse, etc...

Misareaux said...

I wonder how the Galaxy's locker situation is working out. There has to be some tension in the locker room knowing that at least two players will need to be moved before the beginning of the season to make it under the cap. Especially considering how the FO treated Albright earlier, I wonder if there wasn't something else behind this roster restriction.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work, Andrea, getting what comment you can from the Galaxy on this rather perplexing move. A trade looks most likely.....but we'll see. Maybe it's disciplinary. Time will tell.

Doug said...

He's gone. See ya Martino.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Andrea. Keep it coming.

And yeah, Martino is a goner.

ericpz said...

Well, Lalas did say they would need to dump some salary in order to get under the cap.

Intersting quote from Gullit in the Times today: "I'm not happy we have to play on turf," Gullit said. "Some players have issues with it and will only be able to play a certain number of minutes. It's a disappointment, but we must deal with it and that's why we have brought a big squad with us."

A big squad which left Martino at home. Yeah, Kyle is trade bate. No question about it.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

If Martino gets traded, it'll probably either be for cash or a 45-year-old defender.

If Martino gets traded, it'll probably be because he's a straight shooter (like Cannon) who doesn't like the bovine excrement the Galaxy has become, and has made no bones about it.

Remember Lalas' criticisms of Donovan after the charity match against Hollywood United last year? If Donovan weren't Donovan, he'd be gone, too. The Galaxy wants "company men;" whether they can play is a secondary issue -- and Martino can play, if he's used properly.

Hey, Chivas USA could use him!