Sunday, February 3, 2008

Translating Landon

I couldn't make it to Landon Donovan's press conference this past Wednesday, but I have a few quotes from him about the upcoming Mexico game just the same. That's because I was running tape while a Spanish-speaking reporter was asking him about the match after the recent Sweden game. Minus a couple of sentences I'm using for my latest piece, here's the translation.

Reporter: How do you feel when playing Mexico?

LD: It's always an exciting game. The fans help make it special.

Reporter: For this game, who would you like Mexico to put in goal?

LD: Well, it'd be best if they didn't put anyone - that would make the game a little easier for us.

Reporter: If Oswaldo Sanchez plays, what will you do?

LD: I'll try to score against him. He's a good goalkeeper, but I've done it before.

Reporter: What about Memo Ochoa? What do you think of him?

LD: He's a good young goalkeeper. Very talented. We'll play hard against whoever is in goal.

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