Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Transfer saga

Here's my writeup on the Brad Guzan deal for The Press-Enterprise.

I hope Brad reads this blog, because if he does I'll tell him right now:


Brad holds all the cards. Barring a catastrophic injury or a severe falling off of form, Guzan will attract a lot of interest overseas. He'd be very attractive next year if he can join a club on a free, and he's under no obligation to help out MLS by signing a contract just so the league can get a transfer fee.

Brad's kind of a company man, always putting the team and club first. It's an admirable quality to have as a teammate but if he carries that over into contracts and business and the like, it wouldn't be beneficial to him at all.

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Matt said...

Kids leaving on frees is terrible for American soccer. I resent your stance on it.