Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First day story

It's hard striking a balance sometimes between the two local MLS teams, and it's even more tricky when I have to write one story for both teams. That's what happened yesterday.

Before David Beckham, it was easier to go to two practices. I'd just finish up with one and catch the stragglers from the second. Usually one team starts at 10 and the other at 10:30, so there is time to do both. But now that Beckham is here, I've got to make sure I make it there when he speaks. Otherwise, I miss out.

I barely made it yesterday. He'd already talked to the print media but I jumped in amidst the TV crews. I had to sit through some lame questions but I got what I needed.

In case you're wondering, the lame questions:

- David, you are one of the most famous people in the world. How do you handle that?
- You missed out on the chance to play for your football team but did you watch our football championship yesterday?

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