Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Skeptical signing

FC Dallas introduced defender Duilio Davino on Tuesday to the local media and afterward participated in his first training session with the club.

Though Davino brings a quality resume, if I'm an FC Dallas supporter I'm not exactly excited at the prospects of having him around.

Davino is aging. He has clearly lost a couple of steps. He doesn't know the league - the style of play, the opponents, the pace of the MLS game, the physical aspects of it - but he's going to be tagged with the responsibility to stabilize the defense. Now, you may fall back on the experience factor and feel comfortable. After all, this guy does have a quality resume - World Cup veteran, more than 75 caps for Mexico, league champion with Club America, more than 400 Mexican First Division appearances.

FC Dallas' defense is troubling. Drew Moor returns, and as long as Jonny Magallon isn't around, he'll be okay. Clarence Goodson is out. So is Chris Gbandi. After that, there aren't a lot of guys around who saw a lot of minutes in 2007. Bobby Rhine is around, as well as Alex Yi and David Wagenfuhr, but those guys are spot starters/decent backups at best.

FC Dallas' defense is in trouble, and pinning their hopes on Davino isn't the best solution.

Perhaps, though, this move is supposed to draw more fans. And while Davino is certainly a recognizable figure to America fans - and there are many of them - I don't know that a defender will draw people to games. Rafael Marquez, perhaps. Duilio Davino, not so much.


Anonymous said...

I for one am glad your not an FCD supporter...weak analysis and way to completely ignore our other signing today. Did you know that the team was shifting the formation to emphasize the wealth at d-mid? We definately still need a LB but there will be improvement compared to the defense of the last couple of years.

JT (Chicago) said...

There's a new interview with Steve Morrow at:

where he talks about the changes at the club and what he expects from his squad this year.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, it is obvious that if he were a F*C* Dallas supporter he would be unhappy! His analysis is not on all your signings, it is on Duilio Davino and your shitty defense. Who gives a shit if you changed formations, you still suck. Again the d-mid does not come into this article only the defense. So before you post your stupid comments, read and understand, then post something worth reading.

Anonymous Deux

Anonymous said...




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