Thursday, February 7, 2008

Road trip!

Galaxy at San Jose - Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, Aug. 3.
Galaxy at Salt Lake - Saturday, May 3

Chivas USA at San Jose - Saturday, Oct. 11
Chivas USA at Salt Lake - Saturday, Sept. 20

Anybody planning on going on any of these road games? I might have to squeeze in the Galaxy-San Jose game on Aug. 3.


CACuzcatlan said...

Galaxy fan in exile here. Actually, after I graduated college last year the jobs in my industry were mostly in the Bay Area. I'm planning to attend the Galaxy/Earthquakes and possibly the Chivas/Earthquakes games. I'll keep you guys updated and maybe I'll have the chance to meet two of my favorite soccer/MLS/CONCACAF bloggers.

L.B. said...

Cool deal. If I'm there, I'll let you know.

jamesey said...

LARS is taking many buses to Oakland on June 14th, and then we'll come right back to the HDC for the USA World Cup Qualifier on June 15.

A.C. said...

Road trips were so much more fun when gas was cheaper.