Thursday, February 7, 2008


(Thanks to east river for tipping us off to this)

Alain Nkong is a hero. That's official. The well-traveled Nkong came off the bench for his native Cameroon and scored the match-winner in Cameroon's 1-0 win over Ghana on Thursday. The win propels Cameroon through to the final and knocks out the host nation in gut-wrenching fashion.

Nkong, of course, was not good enough to play for the Colorado Rapids but helped Atlante win the Mexican First Division title. Atlante, though, rewarded him by sending him to Leon of the second division, apparently unhappy with Nkong's call-up to Cameroon's national team. However, Nkong balked at the move and will return to Atlante upon completion of the African Nations Cup.

Good for Nkong. It's good to see him succeed, for both club and country.


East River said...

Yes it was pretty darn ironic when you consider 2 former MLS strikers were responsible for the score line or lack of scores in this game. Junior Agogo had at least 2 looks at the goal for Ghana and missed both. One was a bit inexcusable but miss header happen all the time.

For Nkong, I read on Skysports that this was only his 2nd cap for Cameroon after playing his 1st 8 years. Wow on that one. I was impressed that the crew broadcasting even knew of his time in MLS and his popularity in Mexico. Heres to former MLS players keeping their dreams alive.

JT (Chicago) said...

That was amazing East River. When I saw him score, I had to look it up as I couldn't believe he was "our" Nkong.

Now we need Beckham to score a Euro semifinal match winner to fly the MLS flag in that tourney ... oh that's right, England didn't qualify.

East River said...

Yeah JT I couldn't believe Cameroon put him in. I mean he hadn't played for them in 8yrs and he gets subbed into a 0-0 semi-final? Unreal. Oddly enough I missed him score the goal and haven't seen the highlights yet. My computer froze up mintues before he scored and by the time I could get the game back up it was all over. I saw the score was 1-0 and said to myself wouldn't it be something if Nkong scored and it would be my luck that I missed it. Sure enough he scored it. So I will have to watch the youtube highlights and hopefully they will show the red card of the Cameroon defender.

J.C. said...

Defending champ Egypt is up 3-1 on Ivory Coast late in the second half. I think most people would have expected a Ghana-Ivory Coast final at the start of the day.

Baring a miracle it will be Cameroon-Egypt.

Anyone know of any viewing parties?

East River said...

JC if you are in NYC. I'm sure you can find a spot, in Astoria Queens, Atlantic Ave Brooklyn or some of the Egyptian communties in New Jersey. Depending on were you are a Hoka(sp) lounge or a West African bar or club may have the game on. But I've been watching the games on Sopcast which is good enough for me.

JT (Chicago) said...

JC, my brother in law, who is Egyptian, has been watching the matches at Egyptian restaurants around Chicago. For a more neutral location, you can also see the tourney at the Globe Pub which has been airing all the matches. Great atmosphere there, although I think the great Ghana & Ivory Coast fans may have been a little sad there today.

Two finals in the last two tourneys for Egypt now. Looks like they may be able to lay claim that they are the best team in Africa. I know, many credited their last win to be primarily because of the home field advantage. Not this time.

Great job!

J.C. said...

Thanks for the options, guys. And next time I'm in Chicago I'm going to go have pint at the Globe Pub. I'm actually in L.A. and the matches are so early out here that the bars are closed at that time. My best bet is this Hooka Bar in Anaheim. Hopefully they'll open early so people can watch the game.

JT (Chicago) said...

Looks like a 9:00am Pacific time kickoff for the Final.
Didn't Telemundo show the 2006 Final on same day delay? I wonder if they have the rights again?

Soledad said...

I do love Mohamed Aboutreika, but I love Alain more (and Eto'o!).

Let's Go Indomitable Lions!

Toddzilla said...


Come on, you're being a little hard on the Rapids, aren't you? Granted, it would look a little silly for them if their roster wasn't laden with goal scorers, but certainly they could afford to drop Nkong. Think about all of the offensive firepower they have, after all. You know, there' know, that guy....and um, well, the other one! He's good!

See what I mean?

JT (Chicago) said...

Toddzilla, you forgot that big powerful striker they just signed from ... you know, that other team ... you know the one the Fire was hoping to sign too.