Friday, February 8, 2008

Path becoming clearer

The United States' schedule for later this year hasn't been set yet. The U.S. still has to get past the major hurdle that is Barbados/Dominica, major as in let's hope no one picks up a major injury in that walkover series.

Once in the semifinal round, the U.S. will play games in some of the following sites:

Bridgeview, Ill.; Columbus, Ohio; Frisco, Texas; Seattle, Wash.; Commerce City, Colo.; and Washington D.C.

If form holds, the United States' schedule will be the following:

Sept. 10 vs. Cuba
Oct. 11 vs. Trinidad & Tobago
Nov. 19 vs. Guatemala

It would be nice to see different venues used for this round. For qualifying in 04-05, the US played in, among other sites, Foxboro, Columbus, D.C., Alabama, Salt Lake and Connecticut. Already, the US will use a new venue as Home Depot Center will be utilized for the Barbados/Dominica showdown.

I'd like to see a clean sweep of new venues: Toyota Park, DSG Park and Pizza Hut Park. You'd get (hopefully) good crowds for these important games in cities that have invested in American soccer. Not a bad deal.


CACuzcatlan said...

I agree. I would like to see games in Salt Lake's new stadium and in Qwest Field in Seattle to help build hype for their upcoming MLS team. Both of these sites should offer more of a home field advantage feel than LA, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, or Chicago.

Jon E said...

Can I request that we not call any WCQ that we haven't actually won a "walkover"?

"Should" and "will" ain't the same thing. Also, while I don't believe in jinxes, walkover talk is definitely a jinx