Thursday, February 7, 2008

Laughing last

The U.S. went ahead, but Mexico pulled back each time. Here's one viewpoint where the joke is both on Landon Donovan and Hugo Sanchez.

The little Mexican mascot says, "Well, at least we shut Donovan up." The second one says, "Unfortunately, now this guy won't shut up."


Anonymous said...

I like it...they act like a tie against the US is a win...

J.C. said...

I like Hugo. I think his open style of play is exciting, but he talks too much.

Anonymous said...

So the USA is so much in their heads that a tie becomes a "moral victory." Sweet.

Anonymous said...

yes, the way things have been going for mexico during the last 9 years against the US on American soil, a tie is viewed as a win...much the same like the U.S. when it got a tie down in Azteca back in Sampson's day ('97, I believe). The U.S. players were running around and screaming like little bitches after they tied 0-0. You'd think the won the World Cup.

JT (Chicago) said...

Well, this is all part of Hugo's psych job on his team. He needs to get a lot of new thought into his players' heads.

First, the notion that it's good to test yourself in Europe rather than stay comfortable in Mexico.

Next, he needed to get them thinking that the primary goal is to compete with Argentina & Brazil, not just to be the best in CONCACAF.

Now, he addresses the US rivalry with the lower expectations to get them to relax and play their game.

I didn't think it was possible but Hugo is pushing more right buttons than wrong ones. He does talk too much no doubt but, in a way, that does take the focus off the team so they can just go about their work.

While 2007 had mixed results for Mexico, it'll be interesting to see how 2008 moves along. Let's see if Hugo is the genius he thinks he is.

Anybody see if LaVolpe commented about the result?

Anonymous said...


Yes, you are the "giants" of Concacaf. No one even comes close. This will continue for the next 1,000 years. You "own" everyone in the region. It is certainly winning the hearts and minds of fans from Suriname to Canada. It is your birthright to defeat any Concacaf team and truth be told, no other regional team is worthy of being in the same field as our precious USMNT. Our brand of soccer is unlike anything seen in this world and those silly Euros will soon see who really is the best. We're so good it makes the Patriots look like amateurs. We are perfect.

"We hold these truths to be self evident"


Your fans

J.C. said...

JT, LaVolpe was asked today what he thought about last night game. He told the reporter that he has said in the past that he is not going to talk about the national team and that he is not going to talk about the national. He then got up and walked away. Press conference. Over.

JT (Chicago) said...

Thanks J.C.
I have to watch Futbol Picante tonight to see if they have that clip. Great reaction. I've always liked LaVolpe!

Anonymous said...

The two "Giants" of Concacaf better fix their respective flaws.

The US attacked in spurts and scored 2 goals, that's about their average against Mexico.

But for a team that played bunker ball and historically stifles opponents, the back line is flawed. People point out the outside backs but to me, the entire back line had far too many lapses for a rivalry game.
Hopefully they can fix these communication problems.

As for Mexico, same problems as always. Attackers don't finish the best opportunities and the backline is short. Enough said. I agree that it's a moral victory because they committed the same mistakes but somehow earned a draw.
Two gaffers by their backline and they got a draw.

The bright spots for both teams is the influx of youth. Especially in Mexico's case. Hugo Sanchez has 4-5 attacking players of the highest order playing or soon to be playing in La Liga, and EPL. He better not mess it up.

Pretty good practice game, intensity, but both teams are not a finished product yet, so the hype is silly.

This is at AC: no mention of Tim Howard blowing a headgasket. I can't help but notice your double standard with regards to Oswaldo Sanchez blowing a headgasket. I think these things happen in games, so be it, but the holier than thou sportsmanship card came out in full force against Oswaldo for his meltdown vs. LD and EJ.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that's fair. Sanchez took a shot at an innocent player out of frustration because he was scored on. Howard retaliated for a late tackle. I'm not saying what Howard did was right, it's just a whole lot easier to defend.

Soledad said...

That cartoon is just adorable.

I believe if the current Mexican team had a real coach (as opposed to the poser/preener/gasbag WhatsHisFace is) they could actually be quite good.

A.C. said...

Uh, I did mention Howard.

- 54- Howard and De Nigris tangle up, and shove each other. Either the ref doesn't see it, or he lets it go because both players got hits in.

I don't think either player was an angel in that scenario. But it doesn't come close to Sanchez' move.