Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Other CONCACAF games

U.S.-Mexico may have dominated most of our thoughts tonight but there were other regional games of interest. Okay, "of interest" might seem too strong a phrase but nonetheless here are the scores.

Unlike U.S.-Mexico, these weren't friendlies but rather World Cup qualifiers. Not that any of these teams have a chance of making it...

Belize 3, St. Kitts and Nevis 1
Netherlands Antilles 1, Nicaragua 0
Dominica 1, Barbados 1
Antigua and Barbuda 3, Aruba 0
Turks and Caicos 2, St. Lucia 1
El Salvador 12, Anguilla 0, yes, 12

And other friendlies involving CONCACAF nations

Jamaica 1, Costa Rica 1 (Tyrone Marshall with the late equalizer for Jamaica)
Haiti 1, Venezuela 1

Honduras 2, Paraguay 0 (Amado Guevara with a goal)

ADD: Okay, that last result surprised the hell out of me, so I wanted to find out the lineups and who played in that game. Here they are. The game was in San Pedro Sula, incidentally.

Honduras: Gaston Bodden; Victor Bernardez, Sergio Mendoza (Mariano Acevedo, 61), Mayner Figueroa; Osman Chvez, Ramon Nunez (Jhony Calderon 84), Amado Guevara (Carlos Oliva, 70), Hendry Thomas, Danilo Turcio (Melvin Valladares, 78); Carlos Costly (Wilmer Brown, 78), Walter Martinez.

Paraguay: Aldo Bobadilla; Marcos Caceres (Enrique Meza, 58), Julio Manzur (Dario Veron, 68), Paulo da Silva, Edgar Balbuena (Carlos Bonet 68); Sergio Aquino, Victor Caceres (Edgar Gonzalez 77), Jonathan Santana, Nelson Romero, Oscar Cardozo (Pablo Zeballoas, 64), Dante Lopez (Manuel Maciel 56).


Here's a complete shock to absolutely nobody.

Argentina 5, Guatemala 0. Goals from Higuain (2), Lavezzi, Ruben and Maidana.

5. Argentina: Oscar Ustari; Pablo Zabaleta (m.67, Jonathan Maidana), Martín Demichelis, Federico Fazio, Damián Escudero (m.86, Angel Di María); Ever Banega, Javier Mascherano, José Sosa (m.46, Cristian Ansaldi); Juan Román Riquelme; Gonzalo Higuaín y Ezequiel Lavezzi (m.84, Marco Ruben). Seleccionador: Sergio Batista.

0. Guatemala: Luis Pedro Molina (m.46, Ricardo Trigueño); Yoni Flores, Pablo Melgar (m.73, Cristian Noriega), Jaime Vides (m.56, José López), Gustavo Cabrera; Leonel Noriega, Fredy Thompson, Rigoberto Gómez (m.60, Selvin Motta), Marvin Ávila, José Contreras; y Mario Rodríguez. Seleccionador: Hernán 'Bolillo' Gómez (ECU).

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East River said...

Where the hell is Anguilla anyway? I swear some of the CCC island countries exist in name only.

Haiti tieing Venezuala(?) thats a bit impressive as I thought Ven was getting better. The biggest shock was Honduras beating Paraguay 2-0, what the hell happen in that one?