Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Guzan

Here is some more of Brad Guzan's conversation with us regarding his failed move to England. About seven minutes here and three or so minutes here.


East River said...

LB did you scribes every consider boycotting this press conference to send a message to Guzan, ChivasUSA, and MLS regarding the lack of access and forthrightness in answering questions regarding Guzan before he left? Eventually teams, players, and MLS have to grow to a point were they can answer questions on a senstitive subject before a deal is done instead of this sort of now that everything if over I'll tell you what went down kind of thing.

JT (Chicago) said...

It should be interesting to see if Matt Pickens wins a work permit to play for QPR after Guzan was just denied.

Pickens, out of contract with the Fire, is close to signing at Loftus Road. Pickens has less US Nats experience than Guzan so I wonder how the new QPR owners will swing this deal?

L.B. said...

east river, when I found out about this my first thought was "oh, so now they can talk."

it's very frustrating at times to get access and information to and from players, coaches, execs, etc.

However, i went because I wanted to get some facts straight about this deal and Guzan's contract. And that info which I got will be more beneficial than having not gone otherwise.

Anonymous said...




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