Thursday, February 7, 2008

Media reports

Some stories from last night's match.

Grahame Jones of the LA Times writes about Jozy Altidore and his beauty of a goal.

Martin Rogers of Yahoo Sports also penned his column on the young Red Bull star, and lets us know what Altidore said to Rafael Marquez to draw a smile from the Mexican defender.

The Houston Chronicle provides quite a bit of coverage on the match, which drew 70,103. Bernardo Fallas provides the match report while they also provide a photo gallery as well as a short video with interviews of players and fans. Not sure why they only talked to Stuart Holden (who didn't play) and Rico Clark but it's worth a watch.

And here's colleague Grant Wahl's take on the match.

And here's Jaime's match report from the Argentina-Guatemala contest. The game drew around 35,000 which is a lot more than I'd expected. I wasn't there, but I'm guessing the crowd didn't seem as big, as the Coliseum holds around 95,000 or so. Had the match been at HDC, it would have been a sellout and the stadium would have had a great atmosphere, more than (I'm guessing) there was at the game last night. Oh well.

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FC Uptown said...

Interesting game, played at a frenetic pace much of the time. Corrales and Moor seemed to really struggle, Donovan looked out of place for much of the match, and the midfield pairing of Bradley and Clark was not smooth - and Benny F seemed to settle the team a bit more. Altidore was good in the first half - but if Twellman didn't get hurt, wouldn't Twellman have been starting that game? Why is that, Coach Bradley? I still think 6 ft 3 striker Kenny Cooper needs another run out. And can Adu work the setpieces - no more Donovan on those?