Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First day stories

Galaxy opens camp and the local media is there to cover it.

Billy Witz of the Daily News and Grahame Jones of the LA Times were out there, as well as Damian Calhoun of the Orange County Register. Also, Martin Rogers of Yahoo Sports was there, though I only caught him from a distance.

It was nice to see the fellas out there, and it was also nice to be one of the smaller guys for a change!

Anyway, there weren't any fans there to get autographs, at least none that I could see. Anyone could have gotten some prime face time with David Beckham and wouldn't have had to have muscled anyone out in the process.

Obviously there was a lot of media there (compared to Chivas' camp where there were four reporters). TV crews were out in full force and there were dozens of reporters. One fellow writer said he was expecting more, however. I think we may get a surge of reporters in the summer, once the Premiership season is over. Euro 2008 will draw British media but with England not around, they may divert some of those resources for Beckham and the Galaxy.

I don't, however, think Beckham will be the media magnet he was last summer, which is a good thing for the Galaxy. Yes, they'll get attention because of Beckham but it won't go from three reporters in one media session to 500 for a press conference a few weeks later.

Put it this way, if Monday is as bad as much of a circus-like atmosphere as it gets this season, it is a good thing.


A.C. said...

I feel left out. I couldn't go to the practice.

L.B. said...

You were there in spirit.

A.C. said...

My spirit should have taken pictures. But perhaps I was there in spirit and the dropped the camera again.

Anonymous said...

I was able to get a picture with a lot of the players.... including Beckham :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure there was a comment by Lalas in a MSNBC.com article where he stated that the Galaxy aren't done yet revamping the roster. Any ideas as to who might be coming/going?