Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cardozo in town

Jose Cardozo will be at training today, unless he pulls another no-show. Cardozo was supposed to be at training on Monday but wasn't there. He's supposed to be there today. I can't be there today, however. It would have been nice to talk to Cardozo after training yesterday to see what he's got left.

I'm still skeptical about the whole Cardozo trial but if he's anything Claudio Suarez, who I thought was washed up well before he got here but has proven me quite wrong, then Chivas USA will have themselves a good forward in tow.

Their forwards could actually be a strength. Ante Razov and Maykel Galindo are back, Alecko Eskandarian and Atiba Harris joined and now Cardozo if he makes it can add some punch as well. There's also Anthony Hamilton who just has some raw talent and ability, and Suzuki is there on trial as well. That's good depth to have especially when you consider the busy summer/fall the team will have to contend with.

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