Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The wee small hours

I'd wondered if after the Galaxy held their open tryouts whether those who weren't picked would go home bitter and rejected Galaxy haters.

Instead, at least one has in fact become a committed Galaxy fan.

A dedicated European fan of the Galaxy has to be willing to sacrifice sleep. It's possible to watch all the MLS matches via the Internet for a price - 20.00 for the whole season.


Anonymous said...

I guess the tryouts wasn't a bad idea after all. We picked up the first signing for the youth teams. I wonder how successful Merlin will be. He's #10 for Chivas and they were willing to spend an YI slot? Maybe something Preki saw that Yallop didn't.

degerron said...

I read something somewhere that said Yallop actually referred Merlin to Preki. Yallop was saying that Merlin just wasn't going to be fit into the Gals plans.

In the same interview Merlin expressed that he felt a bit more comfortable at ChivasUSA b/c of all the spanish spoken, the racial diversity, and the passion of the Chivas fans. I think its easyer for him to fit in as a French immigrant in a team founded by and aimed at a mostly immigrant community.

L.B. said...

Yes indeed that story ran on and yes Frank Yallop referred Laurent to Preki and Chivas. Yallop was happy with his group of strikers and Chivas USA needed some depth at that position. It seems to have worked out well for both sides at least so far.

Anonymous said...

So much for being bitter rivalies. At least Yallop didn't stick him on the reserve squad and let him waste away. L.B. have you seen him in practice is he any good? if good how good?

A.C. said...

Yeah, but it really cuts into the bone-deep hate that these two teams are supposed to have, when the Galaxy help out Chivas USA. Just like when I see members from the two teams having lunch together. Ruins my illusions.