Friday, April 6, 2007

Vicki has a blog - and dog

Proof positive that it really was meant to be for David Beckham to join the LA Galaxy. His wife, Victoria Beckham, has a little dog, named Twiggy, (clink on the vbtv link) which is the same breed, a Yorkie, as Alexi Lalas' dog, Bob.

Actually the whole set of videos on the blog looks like "A day in the life of VB". She even gets the private plane David apparently will not have when flying to games.

Despite the plane, fancy hotel room, Louis Vuitton dog collar and designer clothes, the one time I envied Posh was when I saw her Hello Kitty pajamas. Those are seriously cute.

Also, Posh, if a dog is eating its poo it's usually because the food the dog gets is so gourmet and yummy, that it still tastes good even after it has become poo. Our little Sheltie (RIP, Misty) used to eat hers whenever we fed her treats, so we stopped that. We began to feed her this dry, organic dog kibble that had hardly any meat. It was like dog health food. She could barely stand to eat it once, so she didn't eat her poo any more and lived to be 16.


mosler said...

I learn so much from you AC. :-D

Gene said...

I had a shelty for a couple of years. They are great dogs.

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A.C. said...

I'm a font of obscure and sometimes disgusting information.