Thursday, April 5, 2007

Too legit to quit

Ok, it's the little things, sometimes. Luis got his MLS factbook and all-stadiums credential last week, and I was starting to worry because mine hadn't come in. The season starts this weekend.

But UPS finally rang the doorbell today.

The factbook is great. Cuauhtemoc Blanco will probably be relieved to know that Ansil Elcock last played in MLS in 2001.

Did anyone know that of all the still-active players from the late, lamented San Jose Clash/Earthquakes, the ones with the most playoff games to their credit for the team now play for Los Angeles?
I'll let someone guess who they are.


L.B. said...

The 2007 Fact and Record Book is so like five minutes ago. Get with the times.


Anonymous said...

Is it Landon Donovan and Ian Russell?

A.C. said...
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A.C. said...

Anonymous wins. LD, IR and Jeff Agoos are all tied with 14, more than any other SJ player, but Agoos is obviously retired.