Saturday, April 14, 2007

Run, Wombot, run

I'm getting a whole lot of nothing from the webcast of the U.S. Mexico game at No feed at all, just a black screen.

The Matchtraker is working, though, so I was able to find out that Abby Wambach is making my pregame prediction look good already. She scored at the 12 minute mark.

Then Tarpley scores at the 34th minute, and I'm downright psychic. If Boxx finishes off the scoring like I predicted, police detectives are going to start leaving me emails to help them with cases.

Sorry in advance, the prophetic gift only works with soccer.

The U.S. team doesn't stop with the third goal scored by Kristine Lilly.

Lilly scores again, then sub Lauren Cheney gets one more in the 90th minute. 5-0, fulltime.

Yep, I'd say the U.S. women are getting into World Cup mode.

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Toddzilla said...

Your prediction accuracy was pretty frightening there...obviously you're pulling the strings.

And I say once again, I wish the men's team had a finisher like Lilly. Her first goal was absolutely ridiculous. And the second one showed just how composed she is in the box.